Everyone loves Shakespeare. We just got news today that Island Walk, a mid-size real estate community in Naples, Florida has created a Shakespeare Club, where residents in the community can share their favorite Shakespeare works, and once a week they will get together and have public readings of Shakespeare as well. This just goes to show the impact that Shakespeare has had on the world.

The Naples, Florida community of Island Walk is an elegant gated community that features many interesting amenities, including a state-of-the-art fitness center, a beauty salon, swimming pools, a bank AND a library. I wonder how many Shakespearean works are inside that library? ;-)

At the moment, the Island Walk community consists of around 1,856 homes, and they have the resources available to employ their very own activities director. I'm not sure if this director is the one who came up with the idea or if it was the residents, but either way we say bravo to you. And I'm sure that William would say the same.

You can learn more about the Island Walk community here: http://www.islandwalk.com/